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Trial transcript, pages 5595-6021, covering December 6, 1954 to December 9, 1954

Includes testimony of defense witnesses Betty Sheppard, sister-in-law of Sam Sheppard and wife of Stephen Sheppard; Dr. Richard N. Sheppard, brother of Sam Sheppard; Dr. Thomas Dozier and Dr. William Blake Selnick, who worked at Bay View Hospital with Sam Sheppard; Anna Franz, Marcella Hahn, Elizabeth Ann Vetter, and Mildred Harridge, nurses at Bay View Hospital; Eileen Huge, Bay View X-ray technician; Dr. Clifford Foster, Bay View ear, nose, and throat specialist; Dr. Richard E. Koch, Sam Sheppard's dentist; Dr. Gervase Flick, osteopathic physician at Bay View Hospital; Belle Brown, previous owner of the Sheppard home; Kenneth H. Benjamin, former classmate of Marilyn Sheppard; Robert J. Mickey, landscaper for the Sheppards; Dr. Jack J. Brill, doctor at Bay View Hospital; John F. Curry, County Commissioner (re: his role as arbiter for reward offered by Sam Sheppard); Carl R. Schuele, neighbor of the Sheppards; Miles David Davis, Bay Village resident who testified about an intruder in his home in September, 1954; Thomas Uhle, Sam Sheppard's insurance agent; Elmira Johnston, telephone operator at Bay View Hospital; Elmo W. Howell, Mrs. Elmo Howell, and Lavelle Miller, friends of the Sheppards

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Cleveland, Ohio


1954 trial, Judge Edward Blythin, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Fred W. Garmone, William H. Corrigan, Frank T. Cullitan, John H. Mahon, Saul S. Danaceau, Thomas J. Parrino, Neighbor of Sam and Marilyn Sheppard, Bay Village Hospital Staff, Sam Sheppard's family; Richard N. Sheppard; Betty Sheppard; Thomas Dozier; Anna Franz, Eileen Huge (Bennett), Marcella Hahn, Clifford C. Foster, Richard E. Koch, Gervase Charles Flick, Belle Brown, Kenneth H. Benjamin, Robert J. Mickey, Jack J. Brill, John F. Curry, William B. Selnick, Carl R. Schuele, Miles D. Davis, Thomas E. Uhle, Elmira Johnston, Elmo W. Howell, Mrs. E.W. Howell, Lavelle Miller, Elizabeth Ann Vetter, Mildred Harridge


Photo: Dorothy and Richard Sheppard (sister-in-law and brother of Sam Sheppard), 1954, from Cleveland Memory

Volume 10, 1954 Trial Transcript: Defense Witnesses



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