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The Incarcerated Mothers Project (TIFF--Transitioning Incarcerated Females & Families) is a four-tiered investigation into the subject of incarcerated mothers and how communication affects parental dynamics. The first tier of research included an earlier pilot study of 53 incarcerated mother. The second tier involved an experiment assessing the impact of exposure to a documentary narrative about the impact of a mother’s incarceration on her family; results showed significant knowledge gain and empathetic responses among general receivers. This summer, additional footage was added to the documentary, with instrumentation ready for a Fall 2014 data collection. Also this summer, progress was made on the third tier, which involved speaking with various experts and professionals in the field of incarceration and reintegration. These interviews established that both family and community support are vital preventatives toward preventing recidivism. The fourth tier of the project includes developing additional interview questions to continue the pilot study both with the established group of research subjects and extending that research pool for a more expansive data set. Data collected will be used to develop programs in communication, including family communication education modules video education modules for incarcerated and reintegrating populations.

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Incarcerated Mothers: What Role Does Communication Play in Successful Family and Community Reintegration?

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