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Hypertension causes billions of deaths per year (Millar et al., 2013). The Zona PlusTM is an expensive tool designed to lower blood pressure (BP) using isometric exercise. This exercise may be achieved using a less expensive Handgrip Dynamometer. PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to determine if the Zona or Handgrip Dynamometer is more efficient at lowering BP and most cost effective for patients. METHODS: Twenty subjects used the Zona and twenty subjects used the dynamometer three times per week for six weeks. BP was taken once per week prior to the treatment. A maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) was recorded for each hand before every treatment. Participants were required to hold the handgrip at 30% of their MVC for four two-minute contractions. A paired samples T test was used to analyze changes in participants’ BP. A one-way ANOVA was used to compare the BP changes between the Zona and the Handgrip. RESULTS: The results indicated no significant changes in participants’ pre- and post- treatment after training when using the Zona for either stolic (p=0.225) or diastolic BP (p=1.000). There was also no significant difference in participants’ post treatment systolic BP (p=0.199), however, the post treatment for diastolic increased significantly (p=0.027 BP between those that used the Zona PlusTM and Handgrip Dynamometer. CONCLUSION: Though the Dynamometer is more cost efficient, neither the Zona nor the Dynamometer resulted in lowered BP.

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Biomedical Devices and Instrumentation

Comparison of Electronic and Mechanical Handgrip Devices in Lowering Blood Pressure