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Since MTV's introduction in 1981, music videos have shaped popular culture in various ways. Transitioning from television/cable to online platforms, thousands of music videos are viewed daily by millions through streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. As a collaborative group, we wrote and produced a music video in collaboration with the metal band Lick the Blade, focusing on their original piece, “Blood Soaked Majesty.” Footage was produced for both a performance video, showing only the band performing their piece, and a narrative video, featuring a story line that parallels the lyrics. An audience will be able to view a performance video, a narrative piece, or a “concept” video that links images from the narrative piece with the performance video, without providing a true story line. The produced footage allows us to edit various versions of the music video in order to study different outcomes of music video exposure, with three goals: (1) Compare spectators’ involvement and interpretations for performance vs. narrative video versions; (2) investigate outcomes of different levels of violent content and victim gender; (3) examine the impact on reception of non-synchronous sound editing. Results from these studies could lend insight to producers of music videos.

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Lick the Blade: The Implications of Performance and Narrative Music Videos

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