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Deering, Lynn


Cleveland has a rich history in the development of modern dance. Because dance is mainly experienced in the here and now, the collective knowledge and artistic skills of many dance artists are mostly shared with viewers of their live performances or those who they mentor. This project uses video documentation to explore the approaches and insights of a choreographer and dancers in the creative process. The resulting piece of videography will inform the design of a future digital archive of many dance artists associated with CSU and the greater dance community. Videographers Rafeeq Roberts and Danielle Davis filmed Amy Miller, Associate Artistic Director of Gibney Dance, NY and former Northeast Ohioan during the CSU Summer Dance Workshop as she taught technique and creative process, and choreographed a dance for CSU dance students. The four dancers collaborated with her in the creation of the work. Providing a varied perspective on the creative process, three other influential dance artists with connections to Northeast Ohio were also recorded sharing their experiences in teaching, rehearsing, and performing. The final digital work is a creative product that serves as an aesthetic and informational resource. Through its creation, insight for developing a future digital archive preserving many dance artists’ visions has been initiated.

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Digital Archiving of the Dance Artist’s Creative Process and Vision