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Delatte, Norbert


The Ohio Department of Transportation has identified the need to specify durable, more permanent high performing pavement and bridge deck patching materials that allow for expediting pavement and bridge deck wearing surface repair for worker and user safety. Currently, either temporary or generally specified in-kind or like materials are being used to perform pavement patching. There is a current research project underway examining the performance of various high performance repair materials both in the laboratory and the field. The goals and objectives of this research project are: • Identify/determine acceptable field performance criteria for comparative analysis of selected products. • Install the products at mutually agreed locations as described herein. • Evaluate the products based on field performance criteria. • Provide updated field performance evaluation criteria based on the field performance analysis. • Provide a comprehensive standard material and performance based generic specifications in the Standard ODOT Construction and Material Specifications or Supplemental Specifications format based on desired ASTM or equivalent material properties and field performance analysis. • Provide a decision matrix for use of the recommended products as set forth in the deliverables section.

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Laboratory and Field Testing of High Performance Repair Materials

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