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Ryan, Shawn; Heus, Thijs


The convective boundary layer (CBL) is the lowest part of the atmosphere. The turbulent motions in the CBL are important for redistributing trace gases, particles, heat, and momentum between the surface and the free troposphere thus it is important that this process is properly represented in numerical models that attempts to simulate the atmosphere. This study is trying to characterize the water vapor structure in the quasi-stationary CBL, using statistical way to build the turbulent model and uses a high resolution model: Large Eddy Simulation (LES) to investigate the adequacy of the model. We found that the water vapor flux at the entrainment zone could be predicted by the variance of water vapor. We are using the data from LES to development this relationship further.

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College of Sciences and Health Professions


Physics; Mathematics

Characterizing the Turbulent Structure of the CBL and the Entrainment