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Jeziorowski, John J.


Case Physical Therapy is the study of patient/client cases to augment a practitioner’s clinical thinking, reasoning, and decision-making skills. Game-based learning, as part of an academic arcade, can add enjoyment and competition to an otherwise mundane process of acquiring knowledge and understanding and may serve to incentivize the student. The development of a case-related match game to teach physical therapy (PT) students about patient/client focused examination and interventional relationships is at the very heart of the design of Physical Therapy Case Concentration. Based in part on the successful, long-running (1958-1991) NBC game show, Physical Therapy Case Concentration features a computerized board consisting of 30 trilons (3 sided rotating boxes) with numbers, physical therapy related case content, and rebus text/graphics. The rebus is intended to convey a relevant lesson to the student that corresponds to the unique features of the selected PT patient/client case. The Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA) was used to initiate the development of the coding component of this endeavor. Coding in C# with Unity was employed to create a user interface and subsequent scripting of smaller game elements. The Game Manager scripting is currently underway. With completion of the script, the first clinical case sample content will be added and beta testing will commence.

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Case Concentration: An Academic Arcade Game for Physical Therapist Education