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Gatica, Jorge E.


Gasification converts carbon-based (organic) materials into gaseous products typically referred to as synthetic gas. This technology is an alternative for reducing carbon footprint of energy generation as well as for waste management. This research examines Catalytic Gasification as a route to Sustainability while converting spaceflight and municipal waste into high-value products. As polyethylene (PE) makes up one of the largest portions of both municipal and space waste, this project centered its attention on the gasification of mid-density PE. We used a slurry containing middensity PE, water, and solid catalysts (ruthenium on alumina, Ru/Al2O3) in a 1:1 PE/Ru ratio. The gasification process was investigated in a high-pressure/high-temperature batch reactor operating under isothermal conditions for reaction temperatures between 310-320 oC, and various reaction times. Solid and gas residuals were collected and analyzed in the GC and DSC, respectively. Preliminary kinetic characterization and process assessment are presented.

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Washkewicz College of Engineering


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Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering | Chemical Engineering | Engineering

Multi-phase Waste Gasification – Reaction Engineering for Sustainable Living Environments