Submissions from 2017


Who is a Nuisance? Criminal Activity Nuisance Ordinances in Ohio, Joseph Mead, Megan Hatch, J. Rosie Tighe, Marissa Pappas, Kristi Andrasik, and Elizabeth Bonham

For Richer or Poorer: The Politics of Redistribution in Bad Economic Times, Elizabeth Rigby and Megan Hatch

Loose Governance in Action: Tinkering Around in a Shrinking City, Nicholas C. Zingale, Aritree Samanta, and Esther J. West

Submissions from 2016


Downtown Cleveland: The Dynamic Engine of a Talent-Driven Economy, Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Charlie Post

Submissions from 2015


Center for Population Dynamics Quarterly Brief October 2015: A Reason to Be- The "Upskilling" of Cleveland's Workforce, Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Charlie Post


Consolidation of the Lake County Fire & EMS Departments Feasibility Study, Bernard Becker III

Submissions from 2014


The Transformative Effects of Public-Private Partnerships in Cleveland: An Inside View of Good Government under Mayors Voinovich and Jackson, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs, William M. Denihan, and Melanie F. Baur


Cuyahoga County’s Tax-Base Challenge: Renewing and Redeveloping Core Communities, Thomas Bier and Charlie Post


Responding to Foreclosures in Cuyahoga County: 2013 Evaluation Report, Kathryn Hexter and Molly Schnoke


Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Answering Points in Berea, Broadview Heights, Brook Park, North Royalton, Olmsted Falls, Seven Hills, and Strongsville, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Kyle Johnson, and E. L. Kramer


Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Answering Points in Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village and Richmond Heights, Ohio, Daila Shimek

The Road Through the Rust Belt: From Preeminence to Decline to Prosperity, William M. Bowen

Submissions from 2013


Research Highlights, Fall 2013, Roslyn Miller


Coproduction of Government Services and the New Information Technology: Investigating the Distributional Biases, Benjamin Y. Clark, Jeffrey Brudney, and Sung-Gheel Jang


Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Answering Points in Perry County, Ohio, Daila Shimek


Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Answering Points in Richland County, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Eugene Kramer, and Patrick Johnson

Submissions from 2012

Toward the Civil City Council, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs

Financial Condition of Bedford, Ohio 2003 – 2010, City of Bedford, Kevin O'Brien


Fiscal Review of the Cleveland Public Library and Scan of State and National Trends in Library Funding, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kyle Julien, and Scott Winograd


Review of the Operations of Bay Village, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Kyle Julien, Scott Winograd, Claudette Robey, James Wyles, and Kevin E. O'Brien

Scan of the Financial Condition of Bay Village Ohio, 2002 – 2010, City of Bay Village, Kevin O'Brien

Scan of the Financial Condition of the Village of Bratenahl, Ohio: 2002 – 2010, Bratenahl Community Organization, Kevin O'Brien


The Next Steps Toward Consolidating Public Safety Dispatch Centers: Parma, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Scott Winograd, Kimberly Renee Vining, Eugene Kramer, Thomas Cozzens, Claudette Robey, Kevin E. O'Brien, and Andrew Batson

Submissions from 2011


Consolidated Dispatch Center Feasibility Study: Ohio Case Studies, Daila Shimek, Scott Winograd, and Kimberly Renee Vining


Consolidated Public Safety Dispatch Centers: US Case Studies, Daila Shimek, Scott Winograd, and Kimberly Renee Vining


Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Dispatch for the city of Wooster, city of Ashland, and Wayne County, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Eugene Kramer, Patrick Johnson, Scott Winograd, Kimberly Renee Vining, Thomas Cozzens, and Kevin E. O'Brien


Revitalizing Distressed Older Suburbs, Kathryn W. Hexter, Edward W. Hill, Brian A. Mikelbank, Benjamin Y. Clark, and Charles Post

Submissions from 2010


Assessing the Feasibility of an Aerotropolis Around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Appendices, Claudette Robey, Daila Shimek, James Wyles, Brian A. Mikelbank, Jim Robey, Kevin O'Brien, and

Submissions from 2009


Feasibility Study: Consolidated Dispatch Center for Police, Fire and EMS Services, Daila Shimek, Ryan Foster, Holly Cooper, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, and Caitlin Johnson

Submissions from 2008


An Analysis of the Feasibility of a Joint Economic Development District between the City of Brunswick and Hinckley Township, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, Daila Shimek, Michael McGoun, and Ryan Foster

A Scan of Attributes in County Government Structure, Kevin O'Brien, Holly Cooper Whisman, Ryan Foster, and Melissa Rowe

Submissions from 2007


COMMENTARY: The Use of Focus Groups for Design and Implementation of Collaborative Environmental Administrative Programs: A Comparison of Two State-Level Processes in Ohio, Wendy Kellogg, Kevin E. O'Brien, Claudette Robey, and Kirstin Toth


Mechanisms for Cities to Manage Institutionally Led Real Estate Development, Jill S. Taylor


Northeast Ohio Information Technology Workforce Report, Center for Public Management


The Economic Impact of the Arts and Culture (ACE) as Economic Development Grant Program On the Greater Cleveland Regional Economy, Center for Public Management and Jacob Duritsky

Submissions from 2006

The Use Of Constituent Focus Groups For More Effective Program Planning And Management: A Case Study Of The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, Wendy Kellogg, Kevin O'Brien, and Kirstin Toth

Submissions from 2004

City of Westlake: Citizen Perceptions of Municipal Services. Prepared for the City of Westlake, Ohio, Center for Public Management

Northeast Community Center: Toward A Program Strategy, Center for Public Management

Submissions from 2003


Slanted Pavement: How Ohio's Highway Spending Shortchanges Cities and Suburbs, Edward W. Hill, Billie K. Geyer, Claudette Robey, John F. Brennan, and Kevin O'Brien

Debt Capacity of the City of Springfield, Ohio, Center for Public Management

Spatial Distribution of the National Register of Historic Places, Center for Public Management

Submissions from 2000

City-County Consolidation and the Rebuilding of Image: The Fiscal Lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov Program, Mark Rosentraub

Submissions from 1999


City of Green: Capital Improvement Plan Preparation Manual, Daila Shimek, Kevin E. O'Brien, and Jennifer Pae

Submissions from 1997

City-Suburban Income Disparities and Metropolitan Area Employment: Can Tightening Labor Markets Reduce the Gaps?, Edward W. Hill and Harold Wolman

Submissions from 1994

Recommendations to the Minority Economic Opportunity Center and the Greater Cleveland Urban League on Improving Training and Employment Prospects for the Hard-To-Employ in Greater Cleveland, Edward W. Hill, Julie Rittenhouse, and Rosalyn Allison

Submissions from 1992

Race and Inner-City Education, Edward W. Hill and Heidi Marie Rock

Submissions from 1979

The Changing Structure of Jobs in Older and Younger Cities, Bennett Harrison and Edward W. Hill