Submissions from 2017


Swimming Together: Adaptation through Emergence of Knowledge and Learning in Networked Watershed Governance, Aritree Samanta and Wendy A. Kellogg


Network structure and adaptive capacity in watershed governance, Wendy A. Kellogg and Aritree Samanta


The Economic Value of Tree Preservation in a Weak Land Development Market Region, Wendy A. Kellogg, Brian Mikelbank, Robert Laverne, and Kathryn W. Hexter


Challenges in Large-Scale Government-Led Sustainable Development: The Case of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, Sunjoo Park, William M. Bowen, Taekyoung Lim, and Junseop Shim

Submissions from 2016


Model Tree Canopy Cover Management Regulation, Kirby Date

Enhancing Environmental Quality and Sustainability through Negotiation and Conflict Management: Research into Systems, Dynamics, and Practices, Michael L. Elliott and Sanda Kaufman


Water Resilient Cities: Climate Change, Infrastructure, Economies and Governance in the Great Lakes Basin, Wendy A. Kellogg


Climate Change, Infrastructure, Economies, and Governance in the Great Lakes Basin, Wendy A. Kellogg


Temporary Sign Regulations in a Post-Reed America, Alan C. Weinstein and Wendy E. Moeller

Submissions from 2012


A case study from the post-new deal state agricultural experiment station system: a life of mixed signals in southern Illinois, Joanna Ganning, Courtney Flint, and Stephen Gasteyer

Linking Local Perceptions to the Biophysical and Amenity Contexts of Forest Disturbance in Colorado, Courtney Flint, Hua Qin, and Joanna Ganning


Northeast Ohio Storm Water Training Consortium Strategic Plan: 2012-2014, Claudette Robey

Submissions from 2010


Does More Federal Environmental Funding Increase or Decrease States’ Efforts?, Benjamin Y. Clark and Andrew Whitford


Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District: Economic Impact of Operating and Capital Expenditures, 2012– 2016, Ziona Austrian, Candice Clouse, and Iryna Lendel

Submissions from 2009

Risk perception and communication in public and environmental decisions, Sanda Kaufman

Submissions from 2007


Designing Property Rights for Water: Mediating Market, Government, and Corporation Failures, Andrew Whitford and Benjamin Y. Clark


Biological integrity in urban streams: Toward resolving multiple dimensions of urbanization, Bernard Michael Walton; Mark J. Salling PhD, GISP; James Wyles; and Julie Wolin

From Novice to Expert: Operationalizing Kinds of Knowing in an Environmental Management Setting, Nicholas C. Zingale

The Use of Focus Groups for Design and Implementation of Environmental Administrative Programs: A Comparison of Two State-Level Processes in Ohio, Wendy A. Kellogg, Kevin E. O'Brien, Claudette Robey, and K. Toth

Submissions from 2006

The Use Of Constituent Focus Groups For More Effective Program Planning And Management: A Case Study Of The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, Wendy Kellogg, Kevin O'Brien, and Kirstin Toth

A Meta Analysis of the Effect of Environmental Contamination and Positive Amenities on Residential Property Values, Robert A. Simons and Jesse Saginor

Submissions from 2005

Training Needs of Coastal Resources Decision Makers in Ohio's Lake Erie Basin, Wendy Kellogg, Michael J. Tevesz, Claudette Robey, Kevin O'Brien, Kirstin Toth, Micheal McGoun, and Dan Baracskay

Submissions from 2004

The Current Coastal Resource Management Training Market in Ohio's Lake Erie Basin, Wendy Kellogg, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, Micheal J. Tevesz, Dan Baracskay, Linda Feix, Christine Kasselmann, Jeffrey Reutter, and Gene Wright

Useful Life Financing of Environmental Facilities, George Butcher, Kevin O'Brien, and et. al

Submissions from 2002

An Analytical Review of Environmental Justice Research: What Do We Really Know?, William M. Bowen


Brownfields One-Stop Shop Forum: A Test Strategy for Inter-Agency Cooperation in Northeast Ohio, Kevin O'Brien and Kirstin S. Toth

Environmental Mediation entry for the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, Sanda Kaufman

Submissions from 2000

Spatial Analysis for Environmental Justice, William M. Bowen and Kingsley E. Haynes

Submissions from 1999


Brownfield Redevelopment Strategies for Gary, IN,, Kirstin Toth and Donald T. Iannone


Redeveloping Brownfields: A Step-by-Step Project Decision-making Guide for Environmental, Development, and Planning Practitioners, Kirstin Toth and Robert A. Simons

Submissions from 1998


Strategy Building Session for the Port Authority for Brownfields Redevelopment in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH, Kirstin Toth and Donald T. Iannone

Turning Brownfields Into Greenbacks: Developing and Financing Environmentally Contaminated Urban Real Estate, Robert A. Simons

Submissions from 1996

Financing Environmentally Contaminated Land in the Great Lakes Empowerment Zones, Robert A. Simons

Psychology and Global Environmental Priorities in Taiwan: A Psychometric Comparison of Two Learning Models, William M. Bowen, Chieh-Chen Chang, and Yen-Kai Huang

Submissions from 1995


Using GIS To Make Parcel-Based Real Estate Decisions for Local Government: A Financial and Environmental Analysis of Residential Lot Redevelopment in a Cleveland Neighborhood, Robert A. Simons and Mark Salling

Submissions from 1993

Environmental Improvement: A Constraint on Economic Development, William M. Bowen

Submissions from 1991

Managing the Environmental Crisis, William M. Bowen, Daniel H. Henning, and William R. Mangun

Submissions from 1981

Energy Conservation: A Campus Guidebook, Kevin O'Brien