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The Center for Economic Development at the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University prepared this report for the Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) at The Ohio State University. The objective of this study is to provide background analysis of additive manufacturing (AM) for the OMI as they prepare a roadmap for the future and recommendations on AM for the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA).1 This report is a literature review and summary of findings.

Literature on AM was collected from various sources. Academic articles, reports, and studies were collated and analyzed from databases, internet searches, and publications. The goal of this report is to provide a clear context of the state, national, and international conversation on AM, as well as delineate opportunities and challenges as it relates to this technology.

It is important to note two major considerations in this literature review: the designation between AM and 3D printing, and overall technical specifications: (1) AM is known in the mainstream media as “3D printing,” but in actuality, this designation is a subset of the AM concept. On occasion, this report will single out 3D printing technology as a subset of AM. There is a vast amount of material on 3D printing because it is currently a popular subject for the media. At times, the literature refers to 3D printing separately from AM, and it is unknown to the authors of this report whether these different designations are deliberate. To avoid confusion, we use both concepts and report the labeling as the literature refers to it. This provides clarity for the reader. (2) There is a significant amount of technical information in the AM literature that is not covered in this report. This report is designed only to consider AM in the context of the overall conversation. No technical information, mathematics, or other technical concepts involved in the AM conversation will be covered.