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Center for Nonprofit Policy and Practice


The Center for Nonprofit Policy & Practice (CNP&P) was formally engaged by board leaders of the Dunham Tavern Museum in 2014 to assist the organization with forming and performing the work to strengthen board governance. Gradually, a project work plan was created to conduct “small p” planning (not traditional strategic planning) to advance the interests of the organization.

  • The mutually agreed upon work products facilitated by the CNP&P include the following elements:
  • Board development, training, and priorities planning of strategic issues;
  • Assist board members develop a board governance committee;
  • Create a mutually agreeable work plan for the committee;
  • Provide staffing and support for the board governance committee, involving such matters as:
    1. Prepare meeting agendas
    2. Note-taking at meetings with written minutes
    3. Coordinating communications of board members
    4. Research as required
  • Review and revise official Dunham Tavern bylaws;
  • Other tasks as mutually agreed upon.