Affordable Family Rental Housing: Successful Practices in Massachusetts Communities

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Planning Forum


According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Massachusetts is the least affordable state in which to live. The burden of these high housing costs is disproportionately felt by low and moderate-income residents. As the prospect of owning a home becomes less of a reality for many Massachusetts families and as market- ·rate rents have soared, the need for affordable rental housing becomes more pressing. This paper explores what the best processes are for developing affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families in Massachusetts. The identification of replicable practices demonstrates that creative options exist for cities and towns facing the dilemma of rising housing costs coupled with increased budgetary restrictions.

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Tighe, J. Rosie, (2005) “Affordable Family Rental Housing: Successful Practices in Massachusetts Communities.” Planning Forum, Vol. 11, pp. 21. Published by the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.