The Political Influence of Philanthropic Organizations

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Shaping education policy: Power and process


Shaping Education Policy is a comprehensive overview of education politics and policy, which provides conceptual guideposts for future policy development and strategies for change. Leading scholars explore the interacting social processes and the dynamics of power politics as they intersect with democratic ideals and shape school performance. Chapters cover major themes that have influenced education, including the civil rights movement, federal involvement, the accountability movement, family choice, and development of nationalization and globalization. This edited collection examines how education policy in the United States has evolved over the last several decades and how the resulting policies are affecting schools and the children who attend them. This important book is a necessary resource for understanding the evolution, current status, and possibilities of educational policy and politics.

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Reckhow, S., & Snyder, J. W. (Under contract). The political influence of philanthropic organizations. In D. E. Mitchell, R. L. Crowson, and D. Shipps (Eds.), Shaping education policy: Power and process (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.

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