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The 2019 Energy Storage Roadmap examines the trends that are driving growth in energy storage for the electric power grid, transportation, and consumer electronics applications. The report also highlights the commercial and structural assets that Northeast Ohio currently possesses that could enable it to capture an increasing share of what is projected to be a $100 billion market by 2025. While disruptive market forces are causing the ground to shift for the advanced energy industry, this shift will present opportunities for Northeast Ohio to capitalize on innovative technologies being developed regionally that would enable the realization of appreciably greater economic growth.

The 2019 Roadmap provides a background on Energy Storage technologies and the role the region currently plays in their development. The Roadmap also provides a vision for how existing local assets can be leveraged in conjunction with funding opportunities for technology innovation to capture a larger share of this high-growth market. The goal of the 2019 Roadmap is to propose how assets and strategies can together be deployed to establish the region as an energy storage activity hub.