New Establishment Dynamics: Business Formation and Survival Trends in Ohio

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The Ohio New Establishments Dynamics data (O-NED) is a new data set, developed by the College and Center. O-NED tracks employment and number of establishments for establishments that first started employing people between the 2nd quarter of 1997 and the 1st quarter of 2008. The report “New Establishment Dynamics: Business Formation and Survival Trends in Ohio” summarizes how trends in employment growth and establishment survivorship differ across sectors of the economy and various regions of Ohio. This new data set allows us to analyze the number of establishments born in a specific year called “birth cohort” and document their survival for five years. New businesses are categorized into entrepreneurial establishments and other new establishments. Links to the report, data tables, and documentation of the methodology used in creating the data are provided below for people interested in using the data for their own analysis.



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