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This study reports on the contribution made by Playhouse Square Center to Northeast Ohio. The contribution comes in various forms, which are reflected in the report’s different sections. The first uses a traditional economic model to estimate the economic impact of Playhouse Square Center. It calculates how each dollar spent by, or due to the presence of, Playhouse Square generates additional spending and jobs in the local economy. The second type of contribution is through the various educational programs and events aimed at increasing interest and involvement in the arts. Although the value of these activities is difficult to quantify, they are an important part of what Playhouse Square offers to the community. The third contribution illustrates Playhouse Square’s role as an anchor for downtown Cleveland and its ability to attract people and investment to the urban core. Playhouse Square is a key part of the amenity package that Cleveland offers to current and potential residents and employers. More importantly, it underscores the value of an urban center for Cleveland’s fiscal stability.