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The economic value of an urban university to a metropolitan region is comprised of (1) the educational opportunities provided to students who rely on local institutions of higher education, (2) the unique contributions of urban universities to the social and political infrastructure of a region, and (3) the research and service contracts and other funds and philanthropic donations attracted to the campus by faculty and staff. If an urban university such as Cleveland State University (CSU) did not exist in the Cleveland metropolitan region, many, if not all of these economic and social contributions would be lost. In addition, the future earning power of college-educated students would be reduced, resulting in lower tax revenues and a weaker regional and state economy. An urban university’s contribution to political and social stability in a region, while more difficult to quantify, is also a significant benefit as regions compete to establish identities that include an emphasis on diversity, equal opportunity, and productive relationships between communities that have different racial and social characteristics.