Submissions from 2022

Municipal Fiscal Stress, Bankruptcies, and Other Financial Emergencies, Tatyana Guzman and Natalia Ermasova

Submissions from 2016


Quasi-Governmental Organizations at the Local Level: Publicly-Appointed Directors Leading Nonprofit Organizations., Joseph Mead and Katherine Warren


Courts, Constituencies, and the Enforcement of Fiduciary Duties in the Nonprofit Sector, Joseph Mead and Michael Pollack

Submissions from 2015


Dunham Tavern Museum Governance Project, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2014


The Cleveland Arts Prize 2014 Organizational Priority and Goal Setting, Stuart C. Mendel and Anna K. Jones

Doing Good, Public Good, and Public Value: Why the Differences Matter, Stuart C. Mendel and Jeffrey L. Brudney


Policy Paper: The Nonprofit Sector in Cuyahoga County and Greater Cleveland is Vibrant, Stuart C. Mendel

Book Review: Lucia Boccacin: Third Sector, Partnerships and Social Outcome: The Cases of Italy and Ireland, Stuart C. Mendel


Risk Management or Risky Management? Preparing Nonprofit Leaders for Risk and Liability, Patricia Groble


Voinovich Archives Project Conference on Public Private Partnerships: Conference Reader, Stuart C. Mendel

A Field of Its Own, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2013


Achieving Meaningful Partnerships with Nonprofit Organizations: A View from the Field, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2012


The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Creating Public Value, Stuart Mendel

Anti-Defamation League Strategic Plan 2008-2011, Stuart Mendel

Welcome House Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2011

Asset Education and Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Democratic Governance through Public Nonprofit Partnerships, Jennifer K. Alexander

Democratic Governance Through Public-Nonprofit Partnerships: Reclaiming the Usable Past of the Settlement House Movement, Jennifer K. Alexander

Eureka! The Model for Sustaining and Institutionalizing an Academic Research Center in Changing Times, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2010

A Snapshot View of Nonprofit Organizations in a Struggling Community: The Nonprofit Sector in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Thirty Years and More: How Has the Nonprofit Academic Literature Addressed Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Practice?, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Center for Community Solutions Fund Development Plan and Implementation 2009 – 2010, Stuart Mendel

Introduction to the Symposium: Accountability and Performance Measurement: The Evolving Role of Nonprofits in the Hollow State, Jennifer K. Alexander, Jeffrey L . Brudney, and K. Yang

Special Issue: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Jennifer K. Alexander, Jeffrey L . Brudney, and K. Yang

Spirituality and the Role of Nonprofits, Jennifer K. Alexander

Submissions from 2009


Are Private Government, Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations the Same Thing?, Stuart Mendel

Book Review: Effective Foundation Management: 14 Challenges of Philanthropic Leadership— And How to Outfox Them, Stuart Mendel

Hispanic Roundtable Organizational Assessment and Action Steps 2008-2009, Stuart Mendel

Public-Nonprofit Partnership: Realizing the New Public Service, Jennifer K. Alexander and Renee Nank

Response to Philanthropy: What Nonprofits Can Tell Grant Makers About Forming Meaningful Partnerships, Stuart Mendel

The Context of Contracting: Nonprofit Distinctiveness Or Multi-Sector Pervasiveness?, Jeffrey L . Brudney

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: More Bark Than Bite For Nonprofits, Tamara Nezhina and Jeffrey L . Brudney

Submissions from 2008

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Direct and Indirect Effects for the Nonprofit Sector, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Thirty-five Years of Nonprofit Research: An Analysis of Trends and Future Directions, Jeffrey L . Brudney

A Report to the National Urban League: Determining the Placement of New Entrepreneurship Centers in Selected Affiliate Cities, 2008, Stuart Mendel


Paths to Success: The Critical Role of Nonprofits in Developing Leadership in the African American Community of Cleveland, Ohio, Stuart Mendel

St. Paul’s Community Outreach Program Community Planning Project 2007-2008, Stuart Mendel

The Other Side of the Coin: What do Business Schools Teach the Typical Business Undergraduate Student about the Nonprofit Sector? A Case Study from the Netherlands, Jeffrey L . Brudney, Lucas Meijs, and Esther Ten Hoorn

Submissions from 2007

The Essential Fund-raising Guide for Deans and Directors in Higher Education, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2006


Giving Trends: What Do They Mean?, Stuart Mendel

Teaching Adaptive Behaviors to Build Lasting Capacity in Faith and Community Based Nonprofit Organizations, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2004

Is it Capacity Building or Grant Readiness? A Foundation and its Nonprofit Constituents, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2002

Evaluating the Teen Wellness Program, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2001

The Ecology of Games Between Public Policy and Private Action: Nonprofit Organizations as Bridging and Mediating Institutions, Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 2000

Adaptive Strategies of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in an Era of Devolution and New Public Management, Jennifer K. Alexander

Nonprofit Community Organizations as Private Government., Stuart Mendel

Submissions from 1999

The Impact of Devolution on Nonprofits, Jennifer K. Alexander

Submissions from 1998


Survival Strategies for Nonprofit Social Service Organizations, Jennifer Alexander