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This Note highlights the importance of animal law, including its impact on human violence and international businesses involving animals. The issues in veterinary reporting of suspected animal abuse must be addressed, as it has a direct effect on exposing the link between animal violence and human violence. Each state is encouraged to adopt the legislation proposed by this Note; it aims to reform the laws surrounding veterinary reporting of suspected animal abuse, and it provides veterinary professionals with immunity for reporting in good faith. This Note discusses the background of animal law, including the current state of affairs for both U.S. veterinary reporting laws and international businesses involving animals. The Note explores the proposed legislation, such as its advantages and effectiveness, and addresses concerns surrounding enactment of the law. This Note concludes by examining the possible positive effects on international businesses involving animals that could stem from adopting the proposed legislation. For example, this legislation could lead to reform in agriculture or animal testing where it is utilized in cosmetics research and medical research. Establishing animal law reform with veterinary reporting laws could lead to positive changes in other areas affected by animal law.

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