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A study of the Central Retail Food Market in Cleveland, Ohio was made in 1947 at the request of Mayor Thomas A. Burke (Marketing and Facilities Research Branch 3 of the Production and Marketing Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture) to determine the public need for a new market. In the previous year the city had voted favorably on a bond issue of $1,000,000 for the relocation and rebuilding of the market, provided it could be made self-supporting in a reasonable length of time. The Central Market building, built in 1857 and occupied until December 1949, when it was destroyed by fire....The final determination of whether or not a new public retail market should be built in downtown Cleveland to replace Central Market will have to be made by city officials (excerpt from survey summary).


ISBN13:978-1-936323-48-7, 1-936323-48-6

Publication Date

Spring 1951


United State Department of Agriculture


Washington DC


Retail food, Cleveland agriculture, rural economics, Central Market, West Side Market, Broadway Market. Cleveland survey


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Written by United States Department of Agriculture Production and Marketing Administration Marketing and Facilities Research Branch in cooperation with the Ohio State University Department of Rural Economics.