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Reverse side of Marilyn's bed pillow showing blood stains on pillowcase. Coroner Samuel Gerber testified in the 1954 trial that the blood on the pillow was transferred from the murder weapon--which he suggested was a surgical instrument. In the 1966 trial, under cross examination by F. Lee Bailey, Gerber admitted that he could not specify a type of surgical instrument that would produce that transfer stain on Marilyn's pillow. In his 1955 Affidavit, Dr. Paul Kirk, expert witness for the Sheppard Defense team, stated "It is certain that the pillow was either used to prevent outcry earlier, or that the victim attempted to shield herself by holding the pillow on her face or head. In either case, the pillow had to be moved at a subsequent time, and was probably doubled down on itself and folded in such a manner as to produce a mirror image blood impression later interpreted as an 'instrument' impression."


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