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Murder Room


Close-up of Marilyn's body on bed with bed rail in foreground and spatter visible on closet and bedroom doors. Coroner Gerber's description of Marilyn's body from his 1954 trial testimony: "Her head was about one-third of the way down from the head of the bed. There was sort of a pajama jacket that was pushed up around her breasts exposing the middle part of the chest. The abdomen was bare, and over the lower part of the body, beginning about the hips or slightly down, was a sheet and a sort of tufted quilt. The left hand of the body was under these covers or sheet... The face was turned slightly to the right. There was a considerable amount of dry blood over the face and over the hair, and above the eyes there was a number of wounds."


Sheppard home, murder room, Marilyn's body, Marilyn's bed, blood spatter, blood evidence