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The Future Of Ubiquitous eLearning

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Proceedings of the 10th international conference on mobile learning 2014


information systems; ubiquitous learning; mobile learning; collaborative learning; Computer Science


Instructional Media Design


Post-secondary students are increasingly receiving instruction by eLearning. Many or these are part-time students or are working while taking classes. In such circumstances, students may find themselves short of time to study. One mechanism that can be exploited to make the best use of available time is ubiquitous eLearning. Ubiquitous eLearning can take place at any place, at any time and is enabled by mobile computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and especially smart phones. In this poster paper, we present our initial thoughts on how sensor-filled mobile computing devices will enable ubiquitous eLearning. We also will present in the poster the results of our latest experimentations, which will be carried out in January and February 2014 on the modeling and prototyping of ubiquitous eLearning environments.


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