Business Faculty Publications

When Richer is Poorer: Understanding the Influence of Channel Richness and Presence on the Introduction of a Mission Statement

Robert Whitbred, Cleveland State University
Paul Skalski
Cheryl C. Bracken, Cleveland State University
Evan Lieberman, Cleveland State University


Developing and implementing mission statements continues to be a widely used managerial strategy. This study tests a model incorporating the immersion and transportation dimensions of presence and media richness for evaluating the effectiveness of two commonly used strategies (paper versus video) for introducing a mission statement to members of an organization. Outcomes include participants' recall of the statement, involvement with the statement, and perceived importance of the statement. Results suggest: (a) channel richness does not directly impact the three outcomes, (b) the richer video channel resulted in less presence, and (c) greater presence positively impacted all three outcomes. The implications of these results are discussed for both future presence research and organizational practitioners.