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This book is a tribute to the eight major downtown Cleveland department stores and their many loyal customers. For over 150 years, these large stores dominated the local retail scene. They represented exciting places that not only provided a full range of goods and services all under one roof, but also, offered a special shopping adventure every time their customers visited.


ISBN - 13: 978-1-936323-48-7 ISBN – 10: 1-936323-48-6

Publication Date

Fall 2014


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A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store, Abram Garfield, Albert Levin, Allied Stores, Asa Shiverick, Anthony Visconsi & Associates, B. Altman & Company, Bailey’s Department Store, Belden Village, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Bonwit Teller’s, Burrow Brothers, Caldor’s, Carson Pirie Scott, Century Food Market Company, Chapel Hill, Charles H. Strong, Charles L. Bradley, Chisholm Halle, Cleveland Department Stores, Cleveland Dry Goods Company, Cleveland Trust Company, Commodore Louis D. Beaumont, Consumer Goods Pricing Act of 1975, Crow & Whitmarsh Dry Goods Company, D. Black & Company, D.H. Burnham, David May, David May II, E.R. Hull & Dutton Company, Edward J. Debartolo, Edwin C. Higbee, Edwin K. Hoffman, Euclid Square Mall, Federated Stores, Francis A. Coy, Frederick A. Sterling, G.M. McKelvey Department Store, Gaylord’s, George E. Merrifield, George P. Welch, Goldman, Sachs & Company, Great Lakes Exposition, Great Lakes Mall, Great Northern Mall, H. & D.H. Brooks Company, H.B. Claflin Company, H. Gene Nau, Halle Brothers Department Store, Henry G. Brownell, Herbert Strawbridge, Higbee Development Corporation, Higbee’s Department Store, Howard B. Klein, Hower & Higbee Dry Goods, J.C. Penny’s, Jack McGinty, James W. Day, Jerome Schottenstein, John C. McWatters, John Livingstone Taylor, John P. Murphy, John S. Lupo, Jones, Day, Coakley & Reavis, K-Mart, Knox & Elliot, L.A. Bailey Dry Goods Company, Le Bon Marche Department Store, Lindner Co’Y, Loehmann’s, Lord & Taylor’s, Louis Black, Mack Gordon, Marc Jonas, Marshall Fields & Company, Max J. Lindner, Midway Mall, Miracle Mart, Montgomery Ward’s, Morris A. Black, Morton D. May, Morton J. May, Mr. Jingeling, Mrs. Sophia Strong Taylor, Nancy McCann, Navy Building, Nathan L. Dauby, Neiman Marcus’s, O’Neil’s Department Store, Orlando Cutter, Parmatown Shopping Center, Payless Shoe Company, Polsky’s Department Store, R. Bruce Campbell, Randall Park Mall, Raymond Loewry, Robert Broadbent, Robert Campeau, Robert G. Wright, Rolling Acres Mall, Rowland H. Macy, Salmon Halle, Sam Rosenberg, Samuel E. Graves, Samuel H. Halle, Samuel W. Emerson Company, Sears & Roebuck Company, Severance Center, Stanley J. Goodman, South Park Mall, Southgate Shopping Center, Southland Shopping Center, Slater Textile Mills, Sterling & Welch Company, Sterling-Lindner-Davis, Sterling-Lindner-Davis Christmas Tree, Summit Mall, Syndicate Alliance Trading Company, T.S. Paddock & Company, Talking Spruce, Taylor, Kilpatrick & Company, Terminal Tower & Union Station, The May Company, Thomas Kilpatrick, Thomas S. Beckwith Dry Goods, Twigbee Shop, Upper Euclid Shopping District, Van Sweringen Development Corporation, Victor Gruen Associates, W.B. Davis Company, W.P. Fogg & Company, W.P. Southworth & Company, Walker & Weeks, Walter M. Halle, Weddell House, Westgate Shopping Center, Weinberg & Teare, William B. Davis, William F. Dutton, William Taylor Son Department Store


Architectural History and Criticism | Interior Architecture | Marketing | Sales and Merchandising | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


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Dr. Klein was interviewed by ABC News 5 Cleveland reporter Joe Pagonakis "Shoplifting is on the rise and Westlake is the latest target, police say." Posted on May 5, 2017

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