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Long before Progressive Field, the area just south of downtown was the site of the Haymarket district, the Central Market and parts of the Big Italy neighborhood. Edward D'Alessandro lived in "the Ginney Block," an Italian immigrant apartment building, until the new Cleveland Union Terminal construction project demolished it in 1928. Original publication date 1988.


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Cleveland, Ohio


Italian-American housing; Haymarket District


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This self-described "dead-end kid" graduated Magna Cum Laude from John Carroll University and enjoyed a 40-year career at the Cleveland Public Library, retiring in 1970 as Director of the Library. He also wrote My Father was a Tailor in 1999.

The Ginney Block was originally published by Gateway Press in Baltimore in 1988.

Republished by the Cleveland Memory Project in 2000.

Redistributed by MSL Academic Endeavors in 2017.

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The Ginney Block: Reminiscences of an Italian-American Dead-end Street Kid