Interventions and Strategies Towards Mental Health and Wellbeing for Professionals



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Integrating Horses into Healing


This chapter focuses on the importance of mental health and wellbeing, self-awareness and skill development for practitioners of mental health sessions for Therapies Incorporating Horses. Practitioners come into this work often from a place of wanting to help others and with a love of horses. Over time, horses become partners to support mental and physical health interventions for others. In doing so, their role in supporting the practitioner’s own health and wellbeing often shifts. In this chapter, practitioners are challenged to assess their practice from Biopsychosocial, Empowerment Theory, and Social Capital frameworks. Additionally, an equine welfare lens is applied by merging conversation about ethical practice and practice experience from the fields of Veterinary Medicine and Social Work. The latter half of the chapter focuses on reframing compassion fatigue by supporting skill development for emotional resilience through emotionalCPR - a specific strategy accessible to all. Resources including: guides/apps, continuing education opportunities, and “in the moment” grounding activities are provided for consideration and practice.