Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Utah Valley University

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From a practical perspective, this article roughly listed and briefly analyzed the common mistakes made by American students in Learning Chinese as a second language due to the interference from their native English language. Through the presentation and analysis, it is expected that teaching Chinese as a second language to native English speakers should receive adequate attention, and more research in this filed is highly recommended for a continuing development in teaching Chinese as a second language.

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本文基于作者多年的对外汉语教学经验,列举了美国学生在汉语学习中因受其母语——英语——的干扰影响而常犯的错误,并对其做了简单的分析和总结。 最后作者对如何避免这些英式汉语错误以提高美国学生汉语学习水平对美国的对外汉语教学提出了自己的建议。

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