Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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School of Humanities and Media studies, Dalarna University

English Abstract

This survey study aims to investigate the perceptions learners have of the character-learning strategies they employ when taking a web-based course in Chinese. The seven Likert-scale statements are included in the questionnaire to examine learners’ opinions on the three character-learning strategies that are widely used in traditional campus courses. A total of 65 students who completed the beginner level ‘Chinese Characters’ web-based course at a university in Sweden completed the survey. The results suggest that students in web-based courses consider these three strategies to be just as helpful and effective as campus students; moreover, the more orthodox strategy – rote learning – is found to be the most popular among distance students. Furthermore, findings of this study provide insight into the limitations and advantages associated with a web-based course, and also the possible effect learners’ age and gender may have on learning strategy preferences.

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