Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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YouTube is one of many online platforms that provide good, free learning resources for students of Chinese as a foreign language (CFL). This article aims to explore the role and implications of YouTube videos in CFL education. To that end, it firstly introduces a questionnaire survey conducted among Chinese language learners in Barcelona, Spain, focusing on their viewing habits related to YouTube Chinese-learning videos. The results of the survey not only reveal the students’ preferences for certain types of video content/formats, but also indicate that they make only very limited use of YouTube resources to supplement their formal language education. The article then analyzes 19 Chinese-learning YouTube channels, focusing particularly on features such as the length of their videos, the orthography used, and the language levels covered by the video content. In its conclusion, the article offers suggestions on how better use could be made of valuable online resources such as YouTube videos in CFL education.

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