Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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National Taichung University of Education

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As digital technology improves each passing day, knowledge transmission and learning methods are changing too. Gone are the days of using pen and paper as the main means for teaching and learning, and it is common to teach a target language using online learning resources, especially during the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML) and whole-brain learning, using online learning resources assisted instruction can produce better learning outcomes, so it is appropriate for teachers of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages (TCSOL) to use such resources. However, one question remains to be answered is how much adult learners learning intermediate Chinese as a second language (ICSL) can benefit from this type of teaching. The other related question is how male and female adult learners respond to such teaching. A one-group pretest-posttest design has been conducted for one semester, and found that the learning outcomes of Chinese L2 adult learners were significantly improved following seven-week use of online interactive learning resources, but the improvement cannot last in 14 weeks later. The present experimental research also revealed that no gender difference existed in learning outcomes before/ after using online interactive learning resources. Based on the research results, summarizing the conclusions, and providing future research and TCSOL practices with references.

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