Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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School of Chinese Language and Literature, Soochow University

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Based on the theory of intertextual discourse, this paper makes a comparative analysis of the IP source texts, Chinese subtitles and English subtitles of IP films from the perspective of Chinese teaching. The research found that Chinese subtitles of IP films which compared with the source texts reconstructed the descending language of the characters, implanted popular contemporary language and culture, strengthened the language escalation of dramatic conflicts, and increased the sense of humor and entertainment of characters' language, so as to be suitable for Chinese teaching and cultural communication. The English subtitles of IP films deleted the cultural elements of Chinese immortals and demons, not supplementing a similar western cultural background; translated the theme sentences unconcise and unpowerful, not highlighting the shock of the theme; changed negative sentences of Chinese subtitles to affirmative sentences, weakening the original semantic intensity; avoided to translate Chinese culture-loaded words and sentences, resulting in abrupt intertextual connection. It caused obstacles to foreign students' understanding and affected overseas dissemination of Chinese language and culture. The finding shows that the English translation of Chinese subtitles of IP films should have such linguistic features as theme publicity, ideological guidance, semantic intensification and public interest for Chinese teaching and cultural promotion.

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