Journalism in Cleveland


Journalism in Cleveland


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2018 marks the bicentennial anniversary of journalism in Cleveland. On July 31, 1818, the Cleveland Gazette and Commercial Register was founded marking the beginning of Cleveland's rich tradition of news reporting. After several decades of small, partisan papers, the Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press battled one another for Cleveland's readers for more than 100 years. Louis B. Seltzer, editor-in-chief of the Cleveland Press for nearly four decades, reflected on his role in the newspaper business: "The Press strives to be with the people, always at their side, always beating with their hearts, always fighting for what is good and against what is bad. The Press' address is, has been, and always will be—Greater Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A." (The Years Were Good).

This webpage has pulled together web resources from the Cleveland Memory Project and elsewhere in celebration of photojournalists, journalists, columnists, and editorial cartoonists with particular emphasis on works since the end of World War II.

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What is Cleveland Memory?

The Cleveland Memory Project is a freely searchable online collection of digital photos, texts, oral histories, videos and other local history resources, built by the Michael Schwartz Library at the Cleveland State University in collaboration with a host of community partners around Northeast Ohio.

Journalism in Cleveland