The Greater Cleveland Ethnographic Museum


The Greater Cleveland Ethnographic Museum


The Greater Cleveland Ethnographic Museum was established in 1975 to preserve the traditions and histories of Cleveland ethnic communities. Although the museum closed in 1981, it was able to capture and document the experiences of immigrants by recording and transcribing oral histories, taking pictures of festivals and traditions, recording the music and dances of ethnic communities, and by displaying exhibits at their downtown gallery at The Arcade. The museum grew out of a Bicentennial Heritage Committee which focused on recording individuals' narratives, and collecting and cataloging cultural objects.

This digital collection seeks to highlight the museum as well as some of its artifacts, both created and collected through the efforts of the museum.

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Cleveland Memory Project

What is Cleveland Memory?

The Cleveland Memory Project is a freely searchable online collection of digital photos, texts, oral histories, videos and other local history resources, built by the Michael Schwartz Library at the Cleveland State University in collaboration with a host of community partners around Northeast Ohio.

The Greater Cleveland Ethnographic Museum