Burton Memory Project


Burton Memory Project


Burton, Ohio is home to the Century Village Museum of the Geauga County Historical Society, a collection of buildings, artifacts, and documents which preserve county history. The Great Geauga County Fair has exhibited the products of farm, home and industry each year since 1823. The Park and streets that surround it form the Burton Village Historic District which has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974.

In 2010 the Burton Public Library and the Burton Historic District Association joined in the Burton Memory Project to continue to save and collect photographs, documents, oral reminiscences, scrapbooks, minutes, and letters that chronicle the people and events that comprise Burton's history. The project is an ongoing venture to which everyone can contribute.

You can search for not only those images we think of as historical, such as photos taken of the Burton Hotel, the Burton Electric Light Plant, the Maple Camp Log Cabin right after it was built in 1931, or photos from the County Fair in the first part of the twentieth century, but also glimpses into actual lives of the townspeople such as class photos from the 1920s and images of the Congregational Church through the years.

This site can also be utilized to research historical moments of village history such as the first telephone call in Ohio, transmitted from Burton Station to Burton Village, and other events listed in the Timeline of Burton History.

This web site, a collaborative effort of the Burton Historic District Association and the Burton Public Library, was funded in part by the Dalton Pfouts Memorial Fund.

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Burton Memory Project