The Oberlin, Ohio Project


The Oberlin, Ohio Project


Jonathan Herr


Oberlin, Ohio showcases a wealth of history, embodied in notable sites and famed edifices, as recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, the National Historical Landmarks program and even the National Historic Chemical Landmark program.

Founded in 1833, concurrently with Oberlin College, the city played an important role in the prohibition and abolitionist movements, and was a part of the Underground Railroad. This rich history is graciously remembered and proudly celebrated in the present.

The Oberlin, Ohio Project was started in January of 2011. The project incorporated many of the photographs within the Cleveland Press Photograph Collection of the Special Collections Department in the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University. This work was completed by Kent State University School of Library and Information School graduate student and Oberlin Heritage Center member Jonathan D. Herr as part of a culminating practicum experience.

A brief overview of the city, its attractions, and history can be viewed through the pictures and narrative represented on this site by following the links provided. Further, utilizing the above search box or simply browsing the collection will offer more surprises.

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The Oberlin, Ohio Project