Irish Americans of Cleveland


Irish Americans of Cleveland


Irish Americans of Cleveland is one of a series of websites developed or planned by Cleveland State University Library to explore the ethnic influence that helped shape the history and development of Cleveland.

Irish Americans of Cleveland contains over 200 images selected from the Special Collections Department at Cleveland State University Library. We've also provided a sketch of Irish American life with excerpts from The Irish Americans and Their Communities of Cleveland by Nelson J. Callahan and William F. Hickey. Links to websites of contemporary Irish American organizations and culture will help acquaint you with Irish Americans today. And finally, to help you grab a piece of the past, we've selected artifacts found in an archaeological dig at the "Angle", or the old Irishtown Bend neighborhood.

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The Cleveland Memory Project is a freely searchable online collection of digital photos, texts, oral histories, videos and other local history resources, built by the Michael Schwartz Library at the Cleveland State University in collaboration with a host of community partners around Northeast Ohio.

Irish Americans of Cleveland