Clark Cable Corporation


Clark Cable Corporation


Zachary Hay


Located in Cleveland, Ohio and formed in 1946, Clark Cable Corporation was a manufacturer of various automotive electrical accessories that were sold to a wide range of suppliers within the automobile industry. The company acquired Proof Machine & Brass Foundry at its inception, and this began a long series of future acquisitions and diversifications that complemented and extended the reach of the work being done at Clark Cable.

In its early years, the company moved several times. It began life on East 72nd street, then moving to Berea Road for just two years, and finally moving to West 32nd street, its home for the remainder of its duration as a company. During the early-mid 1950s, Clark Cable formed relations with the US military, and supplied various parts to them.

Clark Cable Corporation, in its later years known as Clark Consolidated Industries, was purchased by Wilcox & Gibbs, and its doors were closed in 1989.

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Clark Cable Corporation