Rocky River Ohio Photograph Collection


Rocky River Ohio Photograph Collection


Dori Olivos


Located nine miles west of Cleveland at the mouth of the Rocky River, the city of Rocky River was formed as a hamlet in 1891, incorporated as a village in 1903, and became a city in 1930. When the first settlers arrived in the early 1800's they envisioned a bustling port on the Great Lakes, but instead the area remained largely rural while supporting the growth of family businesses. Clevelanders found Rocky River to be a great place for recreation and the arrival of the streetcar in the late 19th century made it an ideal location to live for those traveling to work in the city. Growing from a population of 5,632 in 1930 to just over 20,000 today, Rocky River continues to be a suburban community of beautiful homes and recreational opportunities supported by a variety of small businesses.

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Rocky River Ohio Photograph Collection