Parrish and Bingham Company


Parrish and Bingham Company


Founded in 1894 as a trolley and bicycle frame manufacturer, the Parrish and Bingham Co. quickly grew to become an important part of Cleveland's expanding industrial economy. Located at the corner of Madison Avenue and West 106th Street (41.476758,-81.759833), the Parrish and Bingham plant changed ownership several times, first in 1923, when it was merged with Detroit Pressed Steel Co. to form Midland Steel Products Co., a forerunner to Midland-Ross.

By the 1930s, with an expanded line of products that included steel automotive frames and axle housings for cars, trucks and buses; the Madison Avenue plant became one of the central suppliers of automotive manufacturing components in the country, and the largest producer of automotive frames.

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Parrish and Bingham Company