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Coroner Document


March 18, 1959

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coroner's files, evidence, blood stains, watches, clarification


Letter from Mary Cowen at the Coroner's Office re: the answer brief of Samuel H. Sheppard re: the Petition to the Supreme Court of Ohio for a Writ of Habeas Corpus. The letter addresses a "card" that Cowen had in her files regarding the blood-stained watches.

The card was never part of the official record of the Coroner's Office; it was a notation for Cowen's own reference regarding the watches and blood stains. The notation, reading "Turned over to Prosecutor's Office (Miss Hart) 11/4/54 at 10:27 AM," referred to the watch itself; it was made solely for Cowen's own information.

Cowen wrote the letter to assistant prosecuting attorney Gertrude Mahon to clarify the inaccuracy about evidence and these notations (cards), which were inaccurately described in the Sheppard Answer Brief Petition to the Supreme Court of Ohio for Habeas Corpus.