A Viscoplastic Constitutive Theory for Monolithic Ceramics-II

Joo Hwa Tay, Nanyang Technological University
Stephen Tiong-Lee Tay, Nanyang Technological University
Volodymyr Ivanov, Nanyang Technological University
Yung Tse Hung, Cleveland State University


© 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Environmental biotechnology concerns the science and practical knowledge relating to the use of microorganisms and their products. Biotechnology combines fundamental knowledge in microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, and engineering knowledge of the specific processes and equipment. The main applications of biotechnology in industrial hazardous waste treatment are: prevention of environmental pollution through waste treatment, remediation of polluted environments, and biomonitoring of environment and treatment processes. The common biotechnological process in the treatment of hazardous waste is the biotransformation or biodegradation of hazardous substances by microbial communities.