Beneficial Reuse of Waste Products

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Handbook of Environment and Waste Management: Volume 2: Land and Groundwater Pollution Control


© 2014 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Industry has become an essential part of modern society and waste production is an inevitable outcome of the developmental activities. A material becomes waste when it is discarded without expecting to be compensated for its inherent value. These wastes ay pose a potential hazard to the human health or the Environment (soil, air, and water) when i properly treated, stored, transported, or disposed off or managed. In this viewpoint, the management of hazardous wastes including their disposal in Environment-friendly and Economically viable way is very important and, therefore, suggestions are made for developing better strategies. Out of the various categories of the wastes; this chapter introduces different types of waste to be managed using different ways to be Environment friendly as wastewater Treatment, waste oil management, and finally recycling of waste plastics.