Municipalwastewater Treatment for Reuse in Agricultural Irrigation

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Handbook of Environment and Waste Management: Air and Water Pollution Control


© 2012 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. A compilation of general information available on existing international standards and studies on this issue is developed in this chapter.We performed a critical evaluation of technologies for wastewater treatment currently recommended for reuse in agricultural irrigation. The productive use of such treated water is an important alternative for agricultural irrigation because of its high content of nutrients and organic matter, which could facilitate an increase in crops and soil improvement. The most widely recommended treatment technology is the stabilization lagoons, but it is also recognized that there are other available technologies and the need to consider a final stage of disinfection to achieve compliance of the international guidelines that regulate the wastewater quality for reuse. Ozonation of wastewater treatment is an attractive method due to its oxidative and bactericidal power, so its combination with other treatment processes such as coagulation-flocculation allows a considerable reduction of physicochemical and microbiological pollution of municipal wastewater, enabling its reuse in agricultural irrigation.