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Nature Environment and Pollution Technology


© 2019 Technoscience Publications. All rights reserved. In order to solve the problem that the traditional activated sludge method is not effective in recovering the ecological process of water pollution in urban areas, the membrane bioreactor-based sewage treatment process was studied experimentally. Two flat-plate ultrafiltration membranes were used to form the ultrafilter tank in the experimental device sampled, and the processes of nitrate cycle and sludge cycle were adopted. Ozonation and granular activated carbon filtration were adopted to treat the micropollutants. After repeated experiments in 17 experimental cycles, the obtained experimental data were analysed, and it was found that under different sewage treatment loads, the treatment quality of the device could reach p concentration < 0.2mg/L and n concentration < 6mg/L. Compared with the traditional sewage treatment process, the experimental device can better remove the common nutrient rich substances and micro-pollutants in urban sewage, better control the greenhouse gas emissions, and meet the demand for efficient ecological recovery of urban sewage.


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