Treatment of Timber Industry Wastes

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Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA) Report


This paper discussed two stages in the treatment of wood waste in the timber industry, sorting of wood waste and afterward recycling and disposal. The recycling of treated wood waste could include an arranging cycle to isolate treated lumber from untreated wood. A recycling/disposal technology that can cycle both treated and untreated timber would be utilized. Technologies such as PAN stain formulation and X-Ray fluorescence(XRF) are techniques that can be utilized to figure out which sort of treatment has been utilized on the wood. Untreated wood has many recycling choices, and because it has no chemical preservatives, it requires no special processes to prepare for use in other applications. Potential choices incorporate reuse, fiberboard, chipboard, compost, energy/heat recovery, and use in cement kilns. Thermal treatment encompasses incineration, gasification, and pyrolysis. This paper covers a review of research conducted in the treatment of timber industry wastes.