Sanitary Landfill Types and Design

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Handbook of Environmental Engineering: Solid Waste Engineering and Management: Volume 2


In terms of solid waste management, landfills are the favored disposal strategy. Before an area is established as a landfill, certain crucial things must be focused on and acted upon. In its most basic form, a landfill is a location where trash is “thrown” or “dumped.” However, developing a landfill necessitates a great deal of engineering expertise. A sanitary landfill is an engineered technique for disposing of solid waste on land that is designed to cause the least amount of environmental harm and inconvenience. As a result, the sanitary landfill design includes a detailed description and plan that ensures the safe and effective disposal of solid waste. This chapter goes through the types of sanitary landfills and the critical design requirements. Site selection, landfill liners, landfilling technology, and landfill cover system up to closure stage are all part of the sanitary landfill design. Every part must be properly designed; otherwise, the ecosystem will suffer. Because a sanitary landfill is a site where solid waste is disposed of in an engineered manner, the environmental effect is reduced or eliminated.