Management and Treatment of Livestock Wastes

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Handbook of Environmental Engineering: Waste Treatment in the Biotechnology, Agricultural and Food Industries: Volume 1


Livestock waste management has recently become a topic of interest. Due to the increasing desire in transforming waste products into profit, it is necessary to have clear knowledge and understanding of how to handle livestock waste. This livestock waste management chapter provides insight on some treatment methods that have become popular within physical, chemical, and biological treatment methods and the design techniques to incorporate many of these methods. Finally, an introduction to some of the more modern techniques in harnessing energy from agriculture waste and its potential profits has been included. Having consulted technical papers from university extensions across such as the University of Missouri, Utah State University, and North Carolina State University and materials published by the US Department of Agriculture and the US Environmental Protection Agency, this particular resource produces sections that are valuable for both the novice and also experienced within agricultural engineering. In addition, recent advances in livestock waste treatment and management, such as the latest process technology development, market-driven strategies, and US policy changes, are reviewed and introduced. The authors also introduce a commercially available Livestock Water Recycling (LWR) system and a third-generation Bion livestock waste treatment technology in detail.